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Avoid Parking Lot Car Accidents

We know to stay alert and keep our minds sharp when on the road. However, when driving through a parking lot, we may not feel the need to be as vigilant. The slower speeds and calm atmosphere causes us to let our guard down until we are almost in an accident.

Tampa car accidents in parking lots and garages are more frequent than you would think. This is why we have composed a list of ways to avoid and prevent possible car accidents.

Stay Off The Phone

When driving through the parking lot, we may find ourselves prematurely answering texts or making calls as we head out to our next destination. Though our speeds are slower, we still operate a large piece of machinery around others. By staying off our phones until we are parked, we can reduce the risk of a collision.

Park In A Well Lit Area

Not only can Tampa car accidents happen, but theft can also be an issue when parking in a public space. One way to deter possible thieves is by parking in well-lit areas of the lot. Unfortunately, criminals will look for the easiest targets and are unlikely to go after vehicles parked in visible areas of the lot where they could be easily caught.

Look Both Ways Before Moving

As pedestrians, we know to check both ways before crossing the street to ensure that we are aware of our surroundings. However, when driving, we need to be just as vigilant. When we only glance one way or the other, instead of actively observing everything around us, we risk causing an accident by not being diligent.

Have A Backup Plan

Even when we are the most cautious and follow every possible safety protocol, accidents can still happen. Having a plan for what to do in that situation, examining both vehicles for damage, and knowing your insurance policy will assist tremendously in keeping you calm and collected in a stressful situation.

It’s important to remember that car accidents can happen anywhere, and theft. Taking extra precautions can lower the risk and add a layer of safety in even the safest places.