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Back-To-School Driving Tips

Back-to-School driving! The world is somewhat falling back into its norms, including in-person classes and a typical school day. However, after being stuck inside for so long, it’s important 1-800-ASK-GARY reminds you of the rules of the road so you can avoid any auto accidents.

With school coming back, there are pedestrians everywhere and we need to all be safe and defensive drivers. Here’s a refresher on back-to-school driving rules.


Driving Rules


  1. Don’t load or unload children across the street from the school
  2. Follow the speed requirements when in a school zone and When flashers are blinking, stop and yield to pedestrians crossing the crosswalk or intersection.
  3. Don’t ever block a crosswalk.
  4. Pay attention to pedestrians at all times – especially with students on their phones not paying attention.
  5. If you’re driving behind a school bus, allow a greater following distance than if you were driving behind a car—at least three car lengths.
  1. Take your time and pay attention every time you are near a bus or school.
  2. Always wear a seatbelt
  3. Watch for children walking or biking.
  4. Try to carpool to avoid the number of cars surrounding the schools.


1-800-ASK-GARY wants to share these few tips for back-to-school driving and wants everyone to have a happy and healthy 2021-2022 school year.