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Automobile-related cases are the most common form of personal injury claims, and unfortunately, this probably won’t change any time soon. Combined with faster vehicles, the fact that there are more distracted people on the road increases the likelihood that these claims will continue to rise. Whether texting or driving is involved, automobile accidents can subject the injured party and their families to substantial financial burden. Without proper representation, it’s possible to miss out compensation you’re entitled to because of your injuries.


Some of the most common personal injury claims originate from the workplace. These cases often involve the negligence of another party, be it a co-worker who comprised the safety of a designated work area, or a supervisor who placed an employee in unsafe working conditions. Such cases can be extremely challenging to fight when employers are alleged to be at fault. Many companies have their own team of lawyers working to prove that the employee’s own negligence resulted in their injury.


Medical mistakes are costly in more ways than one. In the U.S. alone, they are responsible for billions of dollars in damage and tens of thousands of deaths annually. Medical malpractice is one of the toughest forms of personal injury to fight, especially when hospitals and doctors attempt to cover up their negligence. It also tends to be more costly to take up in court. Experienced personal injury attorneys offer indispensable insights that can help medical malpractice victims claim justice in the court room for mishaps that took place in the operating room.

Personal injury comes in many forms. Whether it’s a slip and fall case, or an industrial illness, you probably have several questions and concerns about what happens next. 1-800-Ask-Gary delivers compassionate, personalized referral services to accommodate your specific needs. We connect you to personal injury lawyers, chiropractors, and other medical professionals who will take the time to listen to your case, and help you get results!


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