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Questions To Ask Before Selecting An Injury Attorney

Suppose you are the victim of an automobile or another type of accident where you sustained severe injuries due to someone else’s negligence. In that case, your first thought might be to hire an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the legal system and get the financial compensation you deserve. 

The hotline service 1800AskGary knows that this is an important decision you must make quickly. You may also have to make it when dealing with medical bills and other stressful things. To better prepare for selecting a law firm, here are a few questions to bring up before hiring a personal injury attorney.

How Much Do You Charge for a Personal Injury Case?

Suppose you are unable to afford a particular personal injury lawyer. In that case, there is no sense in asking them further questions, so this should be one of the first things you ask when filing a personal injury claim. 

Most lawyers provide a free consultation, where you can see if your personal injury lawsuit is one they want to take and ask them other, more general questions. After that, you may have to pay filing fees, legal fees by the hour or fees only after the lawyer wins your personal injury case and you receive your final settlement.

What Areas of Law Do You Handle?

The legal field is vast, and not all attorneys have experience dealing with the same types of cases. Firms that advertise themselves as personal injury law firms are likely to be able to handle any personal injury claims, but you want to be sure. 

For example, some personal injury firms specialize in handling commercial cases, which might not apply to you if you get into a collision in your personal vehicle. One way to tell if a personal injury lawyer will be successful in representing you is to ask if their law firm has won any personal injury cases that are similar to yours.

What Do You Expect From Me?

It is essential to have certain expectations for your lawyer and know what they expect from you as the client. This is something you will want to ask during your initial consultation and can make all the difference when choosing a personal injury attorney. 

All personal injury lawyers have different styles, and you want one whose communication style is similar to yours. In addition, some personal injury attorneys may want clients to retrieve their own paperwork. In contrast, others will have their firm contact the insurance company, medical records handler, and others involved in the car accident case.

What Do Other Clients Say About You?

According to 1800AskGary, hearing honest reviews from other clients is an effective way to assess whether or not you want to hire the injury attorney you are speaking with. If an experienced attorney speaks only of positive reviews, they could indeed be an outstanding legal representative and understand the importance of prioritizing the attorney-client relationship. 

Unfortunately, it may sometimes be a sign that she is not being entirely truthful. 

About 1800AskGary

1800AskGary is a hotline that helps accident victims connect with legal and medical professionals in their local area. The service provided by 1800AskGary is free and available 24 hours a day, so give them a call if you are a victim of a car accident or motorcycle crash.