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Tampa Auto Accident Checklist

I know it may seem easy, but after an accident, you could be very uneasy and have an adrenaline rush. Sometimes what seems like the simplest thing, could really be a hard task in the environment of an accident. That’s why 1-800-ASK-Gary has a checklist for you when you have gotten into a Tampa auto accident.

1. Check for Injuries

First things first, check and make sure everyone is okay. Be sure to check the other car in the accident as well and take care of one another.

2. Call the police

After you’ve checked to be sure everyone is okay, call 911. This is important! Even if the scene is minor, you should always call 911. The police will handle the situation calmly and effectively and then you won’t have too much pressure if you feel lost after the accident.

3. Gather Information

Although you have a police officer there to help handle the situation, make sure you get the other person (in the accident) information. Make sure to get their name, number, insurance information and take pictures of the accident. This part is crucial. Take pictures at every angle of BOTH cars.

4. Contact your Insurance Company

Start the claim process and get in touch with your insurance agency. Then, the agency will guide you through the process and payments.

5. Call 1-800-ASK-Gary!

Car accidents can be painful experiences and confusing. A friend or family member might try to helpfully recommend a web search for “auto accident Tampa, Florida” to help you figure out what to do next. Luckily, we know that calling 1-800-ASK-Gary will provide you more helpful and immediate help than a fruitless Google search for “auto accident doctor Tampa, Florida.” Our goal is to gather the details of your Tampa car accident, listen to your worries and concerns, help you find the help you need for your injuries, and help you find someone who can speak to you about the specifics of your accident. The goal of our team is to eliminate the need for you to search for “car crash lawyer Tampa” in a clumsy search fueled by worry about how you will be able to get healthy again.

If you have been in a Tampa auto accident, do not search for “auto accident doctor Tampa, Florida,” give us a call at 1-800-ASK-GARY.