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Three Reasons to have Car Insurance

Driving is a serious task, although we do it every day for multiple hours, it can extremely dangerous.

We all understand that we have to have car insurance for our own safety and benefit. However, what are some of the actual reasons why we need car insurance? 1-800-ASK-Gary is here to provide you answers to the benefits of car insurance.


Three Reasons you have Car Insurance


1. To Remain Legal on the Road

Not all states require auto insurance, but all 50 states do require financial responsibility. That means that you have to prove that you will financially be able to deal with the costs of an accident either through a valid insurance policy, a bond, or other means allowable in your state.


2. To Protect your Vehicle

For the average person, their car is their second most expensive investment. The more you rely on your car and the less able you are to replace it out of pocket if something happens to it; the more vital auto insurance becomes. If you are in a serious crash and potentially total your car, you want the money back from your investment.


3. To Protect the Health and Welfare of your Family

Insurance is expensive, but an accident can be way more expensive. Medical expenses are one of the top three reasons why people purchase insurance. Being able to pay your medical expenses can help protect the health of your family or even yourself if you are in an auto accident.


If you have been in an auto accident, call 1-800-ASK-GARY for a referral to an auto accident attorney or a medical professional.