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Tips For Crosswalks – Tampa Drivers 

Tips For Crosswalks – Tampa Drivers 

If you like to walk, bicycle, or drive around Tampa, take the time to follow these simple crosswalk safety guidelines from the auto accident and injury specialists at 1-800-ASK-GARY.

Tampa Pedestrians:

  • Always choose to cross the street at marked crosswalks. You can forfeit your legal rights as a pedestrian if you do not travel in the crosswalk.
  • Follow all pedestrian traffic signals and look left, right, and left one more time to make sure the road is clear before you cross.
  • If a car approaches, make sure the vehicle driver sees you before you cross the road.
  • Make sure you are observant before you walk past a stopped vehicle. Do not cross the street just because the driver of the stopped vehicle waves you past. Be sure all of the lanes are clear.
  • Keep in mind that bicyclists are not pedestrians unless they walk their bicycles across the road. In all other situations, the bicyclist is considered a vehicle.

Tampa Bicyclists:

  • Yield to walkers.
  • Please keep in mind that bike riders are not categorized as pedestrians unless they walk the bike across the road. In all other situations, they are classified as vehicles and lose their rights as a pedestrian when there is an accident or a ticket.
  • Make use of bicycle paths and multiple-use paths when possible.
  • Obey traffic signals and vehicle laws when on roadways.
  • Display caution when you move from bicycle paths, local roads, and sidewalks. Always remember that your actions are unpredictable to pedestrians and vehicle drivers.

Tampa Drivers:

  • Always yield to walkers in crosswalks and at road intersections.
  • Be prepared to make a stop at any marked crosswalks. Remain alert and lower your speed in locations with crosswalks.
  • Watch for bike riders and skateboard people because their crosswalk approach will likely be relatively quick.
  • Make a complete stop if a pedestrian crosses the road or prepares to enter the crosswalk.
  • Hold until any walkers have crossed a minimum of one lane past the road lane that you are in before you go again.
  • Do not pass another car slowing down or has stopped at a crosswalk.