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Why An Accident Claim Might Be Denied – Talk To A Lawyer

There’s not much scarier than an auto accident, and the recovery process can be long and extensive. Physical recovery, mental and emotional recovery, financial recovery, and more can all be stressful. However, the risk of an auto accident claim being rejected can undoubtedly add to that anxiety. Therefore, it’s essential to be aware that A.) A claim can be dismissed. And B.) What can cause it to be rejected.

The first reason your insurance claim may be denied in states other than Minnesota or Florida is that you are determined to be at fault. If the insurance company believes you are responsible for your accident, they will deny the claim. For example, if they find evidence that you ran a red light or the police cited you for reckless driving following the accident, they will have proof of reckless driving. Unfortunately, they can also take what you said in your claim and twist it into an admission of guilt. This is a widespread reason insurance companies will reject a claim, though their conclusion is not always correct.

It is important to note that Florida and Minnesota are states with personal injury protection (PIP). This means the insurance claim process is meant to be streamlined after a car crash since your own auto insurance pays your doctor bills and additional losses.

Another reason your claim may be rejected is incomplete medical records. If your claim includes a request for compensation or medical care, yet you have no records from a doctor showing the medical care you received due to the accident, then your claim will be rejected. If you are in an auto accident, one of the first things you need to do is go to the doctor. This starts a paper trail that can be easily traced to your accident, so any medical complications that arise later will be connected to the accident.

An insurance company may also reject your claim simply because you have lapsed on payments or have not kept your coverage up to date. If you have a habit of paying late or not properly maintaining your costs, then they might reject you outright!

If you were recently in an auto accident and need assistance filing a claim, or if your claim has been rejected, finding an attorney that can assist you through this process can be the help you need to get through your recovery journey. Recovering from an accident is stressful enough, so hiring an attorney to handle the legal side of things may be the best thing for you and your family. So call us today if you need that relief!