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ASK GARY is a qualifying provider of legal referrals and markets for Physicians Group, LLC.

Finding Help

Making the choice to search for help after an accident is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Whether the accident involved a collision with another vehicle, a slip and fall or medical malpractice, the injuries you sustain can have devastating implications on your life from both a physical and financial perspective.

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How It Works

If you feel you were injured in an auto accident or another accident, 1-800-ASK GARY can put you in touch with people who can provide sound help. Our service to find qualified the assistance you need is a quick three-step process.

Give us a call

Contact us at 1-800-275-4279 to initiate the process.

Explain Your Legal Problem

Upon calling 1-800-ASK GARY, our intake coordinator will ask you a series of basic questions about your issue and the injuries you suffered as a result. This information will help us match you up with someone who has the background that fits your situation.

Reach Out with A Phone Call

Once we have your contact information and understand what you require, we will connect you with someone who can help you with your accident or injury. It is that easy. Simplify the process by calling 1-800-275-4279 and using our free 24/7 helpline.

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