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1-800-ASK-Gary – The Breakdown of Auto and Medical Helplines

An auto and medical helpline,” it’s common to see this phrase on a billboard, hear it on the radio or maybe even watch it on TV. Without a doubt, you let it slide and didn’t even pay attention to what was right in front of you. Well, unfortunately, that phrase is what can aid you the next time you get into a hapless auto accident.

What is an auto and medical helpline?

When you’ve been injured in a car crash, bicycle accident, or slip and fall accident, the window between the moment of impact and seeking medical attention is very small. The adrenaline rush that comes with an accident is real. However, you don’t feel the pain you endured until a few days later. You have no idea where to turn, who to seek, and whether you can get help.

Auto and Medical helplines guide you with the assistance you need after an accident. Even if you are unsure of pain, calling an auto and medical helpline can lead you to reassurance after an accident.

1-800-ASK-Gary is reliable, honest and here to connect you to the resources to your situation. We link you with the best-suited physicians with the skills and credentials to assist accident victims.

The best part about auto and medical helplines? They’re free. 1-800-ASK-Gary wants what’s best for you and your needs.

ASK Gary is not an attorney or law firm and as such cannot provide you with legal advice, however, we may refer you to a well-suited attorney with the skills and credentials to assist accident victims.