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Traffic School

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Online Traffic School Courses

We offer fun and affordable traffic school courses you can complete on your schedule. Each online course is user-friendly and takes about 4 hours to finish, allowing you to log in and complete each program when it works best for you. Our traffic school courses utilize interactive, cutting-edge technology to deliver the best experience possible.

Whether you’re brushing up on your defensive driving skills or completing a course due to a traffic ticket, our online traffic courses offer drivers many benefits:

Traffic School Program Benefits Include:

  • Traffic ticket points reduction
  • Lower auto insurance rates **
  • Defensive driving skills
  • The opportunity to log in and complete each course on your schedule

*Plus Provider Processing Fee and State of Florida Assessment Fee, Debit/Credit Convenience Fees, and/or other fees (if applicable)

**Pursuant to Florida Statute 318.14(9)

Pick a option

Choose from one of these three categories for what best suits you.

Basic Driver Improvement

4-Hour BDI Program

$5.94 *

* Plus Provider Processing Fee and State of Florida Assessment Fee, Debit/Credit Convenience Fees, and/or other fees (if applicable)

The 4-hour BDI or Basic Driver Improvement program fulfills Florida state requirements for drivers facing a traffic ticket or court-ordered basic driver improvement course. Completing this 4-hour online program helps eliminate the damage a speeding ticket can do to your driving record while preventing costly increases to your auto insurance premiums.

Completing the 4-hour BDI program keeps the following:

  • Points off your Florida driver’s record
  • Insurance rates to a minimum
  • Your safe driving status intact

Driver Improvement

8-Hour Improvement Program


The 8-hour Driver Improvement course meets Florida state requirements for drivers facing 1) two speeding violations in a 12-month span or 2) a Florida Court referral or order to take an 8-hour driver improvement program. If you are facing either situation, this DHSMV-approved Improvement program satisfies your legal obligations.

Completing the 8-Hour Driver Improvement program allows you to:

  • Fulfill your legal obligations as a Florida driver
  • Retain your Florida driver’s license and driving privileges

Advanced Driver Improvement

12-Hour ADI Program


Our 12-hour ADI Advanced Driver Improvement program was designed for Florida drivers impacted by a suspended driver’s license, whether due to accumulating too many points on a driving record or having been deemed a habitual traffic offender by the state. The 12-hour ADI course is Florida State-Approved for those with suspended or revoked driver’s licenses and looking to restore driving privileges as quickly as possible.

Completing the 12-Hour Advanced Driver Improvement program:

  • Satisfies state requirements for reinstating your driver’s license
  • Clears the way to obtain a Hardship Driver’s License
  • Meets court-ordered legal obligation

Traffic School Programs in Florida

Every Online Traffic School Program we offer has been approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) in all 67 Florida counties. Our interactive and convenient defensive driving courses are designed to help you pass Florida’s written DMV exam on the FIRST TRY, guaranteed. Whether you’re working to obtain your learner’s permit or DL, we are here to help.

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