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Free 24/7 Auto Accident & Injury Helpline

1-800-ASK-GARY is a free 24/7 auto accident helpline. ASK GARY is a qualifying provider of legal referrals and markets for Physicians Group, LLC.

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1-800-ASK-GARY Discusses Evidence You May Need After A Tampa Car Accident

Evidence You May Need After A Tampa Car Accident

The moments following a car accident can be intense, jarring, and stressful. Police are taking statements, having to contact loved ones, and if the accident was severe enough, then getting looked at by EMTs. In that time, managing your car accident case is the last thing on your mind. Later, when the dust settles and

Road Trip Essentials

The Road Trip Essentials List You Need!

Road trips are quintessential to summertime adventures! The thrill of exploring the country while traveling to your vacation destination opens the door to many opportunities to build memories and have fun. But one does one bring onto a road trip, and how do you prepare for such an excursion? There are many essentials to a

Auto accident lawyer referral hotline. Photo depicts a car driving in the rain.

Tips To Avoid A Tampa Car Accident In The Rain

Driving in the rain can add an extra layer of stress, and if you live in Tampa, Florida, you know exactly how frequently this situation can occur. With so many added risks, you must be aware of ways to minimize the chances of a Tampa car accident in the rain. Let us make your driving