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Free 24/7 Auto Accident & Injury Helpline

1-800-ASK-GARY is a free 24/7 auto accident helpline. ASK GARY is a qualifying provider of legal referrals and markets for Physicians Group, LLC.

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How To Handle The Insurance Adjuster After An Accident

After an accident, you’ll likely need to deal with an insurance adjuster. While this can be a stressful experience, having a few strategies in place can help you navigate the process. Knowing the adjuster’s job, gathering the necessary information, understanding your rights and responsibilities, and preparing to negotiate can help you handle the adjuster. If

a welder working on a piece of metal.

Construction Accident Injuries

Construction accidents are occurrences that can result in serious injuries to those involved. The severity of the injuries can range from minor cuts and scrapes to life-threatening traumas. Due to the hazardous nature of construction sites, it is essential to be mindful of the potential risks and take precautions to ensure safety. Here, the common

How Much Can You Sue for a Car Accident?

How Much Can You Sue for a Car Accident?

Car accidents often involve a lot of money when all is said and done. Insurance companies must sometimes shell out quite a bit of money for repairs, and medical bills must be taken care of. Sometimes victims and at-fault parties alike may find themselves with large bills as a result of having insufficient car insurance

what does a no-fault state mean

What Does A No-Fault State Mean?

The definition of a no-fault state varies by state, as this is the term that defines eligibility for compensation from your insurance company if and when drivers get into a car accident. No-fault insurance, also called personal injury protection coverage, generally pays for the costs related to a car accident, regardless of who is considered