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E-Scooter Accidents

The introduction of E-Scooters has made it quick and easy for people to get around a town, city, or even a campus. E-Scooters can be quite convenient. They allow transportation for people without a driver’s license and they’re easy to use. They even save greenhouse gas emission savings and reduce air pollution.

Although the introduction of E-Scooters has many benefits, they can be dangerous and should be taken seriously. Especially around college campuses, it’s crucial everyone is taking serious precautions while using these scooters.


Precautions of E-Scooters

Yes, we understand how awesome and convenient they are, but electric scooters do cause accidents.

As we stated before since there is no driver’s license required when it comes to their use, the chance of an accident increases. Young people especially, who don’t have much experience with vehicles, may underestimate the speed and the dangers of E-scooters. However, this doesn’t focus primarily on young people. But college students as well.

E-scooters have been the latest hit on college campuses. Making it easier for students to get to class without having to drive or ride the bus, they are being used quite frequently. Nevertheless, E-scooters are also being used to get to bars and clubs off-campus. This can become extremely dangerous for college students who have been drinking and aren’t paying attention to their surroundings and aren’t in their conscious mind. Not only could someone get severely hurt, but they can get a DUI.

You should not be using an E-Scooter if you are under the influence.


E-Scooter Accidents

Did you know that 80% of fatal e-scooter crashes involve cars? E-scooters are driven on roads, without clear rules to protect the rider. E-scooter accidents are a lot more common than we may think. The majority of where these collisions occur are at intersections and 70% of them happen in daylight.

Accidents also happen with pedestrians. It may be because of a driver error, distracted driving, or even a defective scooter.

Injuries can be severe from these accidents. Including, broken bones, lacerations, spinal injury, TBI, concussions, and even death.


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