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Florida Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance

What is Florida personal injury protection (PIP) insurance?

PIP is an abbreviation for personal injury protection insurance. This type of insurance will pay you for the injuries you suffer in a Tampa auto accident. When you maintain personal injury protection insurance, it will pay for your damages even if you are proven to be responsible for the Tampa auto wreck. In places like Tampa, Florida, all motorists are legally obligated to have a PIP insurance policy to drive.

What will Florida PIP insurance pay?

Personal injury protection insurance covers losses due to a Tampa car wreck, including hospital bills and wages if you cannot work. If you need someone who can complete household tasks like driving, projects around the house, or child care, you can use some funds to hire a person to complete these jobs.

The insurance covers 80% of medical bills from injuries incurred in the collision up to the policy maximum. In addition, PIP pays 60% of wages lost if the injured party cannot return to work. If the person hurt in the accident needs help with regular tasks, PIP will cover 100% for replacement service losses.

Lastly, if death does occur, a personal injury protection policy will compensate the deceased’s family with up to $5,000.

Talk to a Tampa personal i

njury lawyer about PIP.

Suppose you suffered an injury in a Tampa auto collision and want to understand your PIP insurance better. In that case, you may wish to speak to a Tampa car accident lawyer to discuss the accident and the injuries you suffered.

If you do not have a personal injury attorney, we can refer you to a qualified Tampa auto accident attorney 24/7. All you need to

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