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PIP Coverage in Florida After A Car Accident

When someone suffers from a damaging car accident, one of the more frequent questions is, “Who will pay for the damages”? Some states will allow victims sustaining an injury to file claims against the party responsible for the injury. Other states, however, have a no-fault system of recovery when it comes to car accident claims. 

Florida is a no-fault system with a verbal threshold. This means that Floridian drivers must have Personal Injury Protection (PIP), but how does this work?

What Is PIP Coverage in Florida?

This is no-fault coverage insurance, meaning it does not matter who is responsible for the accident; each driver involved is responsible for covering their medical bills. This is typically done through PIP coverage. PIP coverage is designed to provide drivers with immediate medical coverage of up to $10,000 without the victim working through the court system. 

How does Florida PIP Work?

PIP coverage works by giving the policyholder coverage benefits following an accident, no matter who was responsible for the accident. This means that the driver who caused the accident can still receive medical care following the crash, and the care will be covered by their car insurance coverage. In addition, drivers are prohibited from filing a claim or lawsuit against the party responsible for the accident. 

Florida PIP insurance primarily covers medical benefits after an accident. These expenses include hospital, surgical, rehabilitation, diagnostic, ambulatory, and other medical services. 

In addition to covering medical expenses, PIP can also cover up to 60% of lost wages and is subject to the $10,000 coverage limit. 

If the policyholder’s injuries are fatal, PIP will cover the above expenses and funeral and burial expenses. 

It is crucial to pursue medical care and compensation as quickly as possible. PIP has strict deadlines surrounding its coverage, and if you don’t pursue medical care within two weeks following the accident, you will not be able to seek coverage. 

$10,000 may be plenty of coverage for those involved in a minor accident. However, this may only seem like a drop in the bucket of medical bills for those dealing with a severe injury. Those who have been seriously injured in a car accident may step outside of the no-fault system to seek coverage. 

Seeking an attorney to file your claim is the best decision to make in this situation. You want to make sure you don’t get lowballed and receive your deserved compensation. 

If you have been in an accident, and need to file a PIP claim, call us today to ensure you get the compensation you need.