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Referral Services in Personal Injury Law: Are They Worth Your Money?

Have you been injured, and you’re sure what happened wasn’t your fault? Your best bet in getting the compensation you deserve is to visit an attorney who takes on clients in personal injury cases.

You may wonder how to find an attorney who will take your case. Using a lawyer referral service to quickly connect with attorneys and the appropriate professional for legal needs can save you time and money. The legal system will spare you much of the uncertainty accompanying a personal injury case. Read through the following guide to understand how lawyer referral services work and learn what you should do next.

What Is a Personal Injury Lawyer Referral Service?

It may surprise you that the American Bar Association has monitored the use of lawyer referral services in the United States since the mid-1900s. Some people are unsure of which type of attorney to seek. In contrast, others are worried about finances for legal representation fees and choose not to employ a personal injury lawyer when they should. A good referral service is an excellent way for a client to find the appropriate lawyer or right attorney who adheres to specific rules outlined in the ABA’s guidelines for referral services and attorneys.

How Does a Referral Service Connect You to a Personal Injury Attorney?

Referral services keep lists of professionals such as attorneys and physicians local to your area. When someone calls with a potential personal injury claim, the service will consult their list of lawyers who work on this type of case. Then, they’ll refer the caller to an appropriate personal injury attorney or practice.

You may wonder what happens to your personal details when you call a personal injury practice — after all, your case is very personal. You don’t want further information getting out to the wrong people. This won’t happen when you call a personal injury attorney referral service. It’s important to remember that, at this point, you’re merely calling for information.

When you use this type of service, you’re not agreeing to pay or use any specific legal counsel, and you’re not entering into any kind of agreement. Referral services allow you to act as quickly as possible after your injury so that you can build a case — and ultimately, get the compensation you deserve for your suffering. These hotlines are tools you can use to build a stronger case faster.

What Are the Benefits of Using Lawyer Referral Services for My Personal Injury Case?

Many people ask, “how do I know that my referral lawyer (or doctor) is the right one for me?”. You may wonder whether it’s better to call a local law firm. This strategy has a few issues — one being that some local law firms may not take personal injury cases, and others may be booked solid with new clients. Consider these three benefits of contacting a referral service first:

You Save Time

Searching for law firms on the internet or asking your best friend’s cousin’s husband for the name of the best attorneys or the tax lawyer she knows wastes your valuable time. Instead, calling a personal injury attorney or lawyer referral service speeds up the process and points you in the right direction of someone who you know can help your case.

You Gain Access To Experienced Professionals

Lawyer referral services understand that clients and lawyers have the same problem: Finding each other. You may feel you’re running in circles trying to find an affordable professional to take your personal injury lawsuit case. Because this challenging process is the referral service’s entire job, they’ll do their best to find a lawyer who is matched to your case and eager to represent your claim.

You May Get a Free Consultation

Attorneys connected to lawyer referral services understand that many of their clients come to them sight unseen and likely have many questions about their business model, fee model, practices, and whether they can help. Many of these attorneys offer free or low-cost consultations to determine whether their business practices and services are a good match for your case. If you don’t know whether they provide this, don’t hesitate to ask — it’s a common practice for a personal injury lawyer to offer a free or discounted consultation before taking your case.

What Happens After I Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm?

The days and weeks after an injury or auto accident can be an uncertain time for accident victims. Learn more about the process after the incident and determine how to move forward.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

  1. Before you attend to your case, you must ensure you’re healthy enough to proceed. You can also use our referral service to reach a doctor in the area who has experience working with those who need help during a personal injury lawsuit. Keep physical or electronic medical records, as these will be vital documents in your personal injury case.

Call a Service to Get in Touch With a Licensed Personal Injury Attorney Who Specializes in Personal Injury Claims

  1. Many people had no connection to the legal world before they were injured. It’s difficult to know who to ask and where to look for help when you’re doing your research after your injury.
  2. The fastest way to find an appropriate lawyer with intimate experience handling your type of claim is by calling a service. Collect records from your doctor’s appointments, describe your case in detail, and prepare questions for when you meet with your attorney.

Schedule a Consultation With Your Personal Injury Attorneys

  1. If you’d like to move forward with the attorney you were referred to, schedule a consultation as soon as possible. Your attorney will review your case, discuss what to expect as you move forward, and determine how to proceed legally.
  2. Your case may be simple — perhaps you were injured as a result of a car accident — or more complex, such as in medical malpractice (typically considered a type of personal injury case). Your lawyer will determine whether you’re dealing with a simple or complex injury and build your case off your medical records and other details.

Contact 1 800 ASK GARY for Help With Your Personal Injury Claim

If you’ve been injured, you need to act quickly. Our referral service was created for people like you: people who have been injured and who need quick, simple access to a reliable network of both medical care and legal professionals.

Call 1800 ASK GARY to connect to highly-rated personal injury lawyers and physicians in the area who have experience and knowledge to practice law regarding personal injury cases. We look forward to matching you with the right person and professional for your case!