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How Does PIP Help Floridians?

In the U.S., drivers are required to carry insurance when operating a vehicle. This is for a number of reasons, but mainly due to the often significant expenses drivers can incur following a car accident.

Auto insurance is an integral part of car ownership and being a driver in the U.S. Different types of coverage fall under the umbrella of car insurance. Personal injury protection coverage (PIP) is one such coverage and an important part of many insurance plans across the country.

What is Personal Injury Protection Insurance?

A car accident often results in serious injuries, non-emergency injuries, and damage to cars and other surrounding objects. In some states, personal injury protection (PIP) is an essential part of an insurance plan, as well as one that can help mitigate the costs of medical bills. PIP coverage is also called no-fault insurance because it covers costs regardless of who’s at fault for the accident.

PIP insurance may also cover the medical expenses of other passengers in auto accidents, including those associated with an emergency medical condition. A PIP insurance policy may even cover lost wages, child care, wrongful death, and funeral and burial expenses.

Florida is a no-fault state. And in Florida’s no-fault system, a driver must carry PIP.

Does PIP Insurance Cover All Medical Expenses?

Personal injury protection automatically covers the medical costs of the policyholder and, in most cases, provides immediate medical coverage for passengers. It differs from bodily injury coverage, which applies to other people’s injuries when you’re the at-fault driver.

PIP coverage typically doesn’t pay for damage to vehicles or other objects, such as buildings. Additionally, personal injury protection usually doesn’t cover the other driver’s medical attention. If you happen to be injured in the commission of a crime or while earning money, your PIP benefits won’t apply.

PIP should not be confused with liability insurance. This coverage applies to the medical costs of injured drivers or other auto accident victims, such as a pedestrian or a cyclist. Every state requires liability coverage. Having liability insurance does not qualify as Florida PIP.

What Does Florida Require?

Florida requires drivers to carry car insurance that includes personal injury protection. Per Florida law, you must carry at least $10,000 in coverage. You must show proof of insurance to register your auto in the Sunshine State.

Even if a car is inoperable, Florida residents must carry insurance that includes personal injury protection, or PIP. A maximum coverage amount is usually specified by an insurance provider. In most cases, a PIP claim may not exceed $25,000.

What Are the Benefits of PIP?

Your PIP policy will depend on several factors, including your insurance company and the claims process. PIP covers the following for most policyholders:

Non-Driving Auto Accident: Your policy may cover your healthcare if you’re hit by a car while walking or riding a bicycle.

Other Medical Expenses: Depending on your coverage limits, PIP claims may cover health insurance deductibles. Your medical provider may also specify other types of medical treatment, such as massage therapy.

Lost Wages and Business Expenses: While recovering from an accident, you may not be able to work full-time or at all. Personal injury protection may also help you pay for temporary workers if you’re self-employed.

Death Benefits: PIP often covers funeral expenses and other death-related costs. If death results from an accident, PIP may cover the resulting lost income to help surviving family members.

Other Economic Benefits: Your injuries may also impact other aspects of your life. Your insurance company’s PIP coverage may pay for childcare expenses and other essential services.

Covering Medical Bills and More

When considering an insurance plan, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and how a car crash might impact it. Between treatment costs, sustained injuries, income impacts, and injured parties, an accident may put you and your family in serious medical and financial jeopardy. Your PIP claim may come up short. Responsible drivers have motor vehicles registered and sufficient coverage. 

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